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Organizations of All Sizes

Do you need to tell a more compelling story about your organization, its products or its services? Do you know how to shape what’s best, most distinctive and most authentic about you into communications that involve, influence and inspire people inside and outside your organization? Do you have a core purpose that leverages your organizational culture, empowers your people and creates an attraction field for your endeavors?

The Storybranding Group works with organizations of all sizes who want answers to those questions. Our clients range from mission-driven government agencies to non-profits working to make the world a better place to private sector organizations who are passionate about delivering value to others. What do they all have in common? Our clients almost always want to answer the question “who are we?” and leverage the answer in meaningful and motivating ways. They want to be known for something that matters, and they want to use their purpose and sense of identity to shape their success.

Often, our clients are intrigued by the idea of using a powerful, purposeful storyline to shape more than their brand identity and communications strategy. They may also see real value in aligning those efforts with their organizational and leadership development, strategic planning processes and operating decisions—setting organizational direction that’s in keeping with the storyline that best reflects their strengths, values, vision and mission.

Our branding, culture assessment, leadership development and strategic planning services are scaleable to organizations of almost any size (and have been used with groups of 3-15,000 people). They’re also appropriate for teams, divisions and operating units of larger organizations.

Senior Leaders & Professionals

Do you know who you are at your absolute best—and how to let others know, see and value that part of you? Can you engage and inspire others with a distinctive leadership voice and message? Is your work life as motivating to you as you’d like it to be, and would you like to participate and contribute in more meaningful ways?

The Storybranding Group helps senior executives, emerging leaders and other working professionals make sense of who they are, what they stand for and how to bring the best parts of themselves to work every day.

Whether the setting is a large Fortune 500 company, a small non-profit or a medium-size government agency, leaders and professionals who participate in our programs are able to define and apply the “story type” that represents who they really are at their best. They’re also able to translate their most powerful strengths and values into a motivating professional mission and vision for their work lives, and use that to fuel what’s most purposeful, passionate, vibrant and vital about them.

Our work also help leaders and professionals understand their own cultural fit within an organization, and how their story type can best contribute. In addition, our programs help clients recognize and develop story-based strengths and values in others, and see how their words and actions can make a positive impact on those around them.

Using our foundational Professional Strengths, Values & Story Survey tool, our services can be incorporated into leadership development programs, offered as stand-alone professional development experiences or delivered through one-on-one coaching engagements.

Entrepreneurs & Consultants

Would you like to build a business that’s a unique expression of who you are? Do you want to translate your vision, values and purpose into messages that connect with and inspire others? Would you attract more business if you had a compelling brand and communications storyline that presented your unique gifts in the most memorable and differentiating way?

The Storybranding Group works with entrepreneurs, consultants, small business owners and other self-employed professionals who need to stand out in a crowded marketplace. These clients usually have a significant vision for their work—or want to create one—and they intuitively understand that their brand identities need to be an authentic reflection of who they are and what they have to offer.

They also may have limited resources to fulfill the same needs as much larger organizations for a compelling brand identity, inspiring message strategy and effective marketing materials.

We offer several streamlined approaches for helping entrepreneurs and small business owners use the same kinds of strategies and processes that help much larger organizations succeed. Based on our foundational Professional Strengths, Values & Story Survey tool, our customized coaching programs work clients through a structured yet creative process for developing a unique and compelling brand. Public workshops are also offered throughout the year.

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