Organizational Branding & Message Strategy

Great brands have always told great stories—stories that evoke the deeply human strengths and values of enduring characters. We all recognize “Hero” brands that help people overcome obstacles, like Nike or Federal Express. We’re comforted by “Caregiver” brands that help us feel nurtured and safe, like Campbell’s Soup. We understand “Ruler” brands that convey power and status, like American Express.

How can a brand story be even more compelling than those examples? At The Storybranding Group, we believe that the most inspiring brands don’t just tell a compelling tale. They also reflect something deeply true about an organization that gives voice to its purpose and passion in the world.

So, whether you’re communicating with a soccer Mom or a nuclear scientist—a CEO at a client company or an administrative assistant in your own—every organization can base its external and internal brand identity on a similarly powerful story. Storybranding shapes brand communications that engage your people, partners and prospects in a deeper, more compelling and more meaningful way because they’re based on who you really are and why your work matters.

How We Work

Our branding services can focus on internal branding, external branding or an integration of both (our preferred approach). We work with clients in one of three ways: by leading full strategic brand planning processes; by facilitating interactive, modular brand development programs; and through “Brand Quest” workshops that walk leadership or planning teams through a brand exploration using a story-based framework.

Bring Your Brand Story to Life

Using the framework of stories we all know, Storybranding can be used to engage an entire organization or group in the development of an authentic storyline that feels viscerally real and involving to others. Every storybranding process is designed to move organizational identity and communications to the highest rungs of our proprietary, ladder-based Storybranding message model. Usually incorporating the breakthrough archetypal branding/culture model created by Dr. Carol Pearson, our branding processes can include such steps as:

  • Story typing, which involves a unique culture and typological assessment process offering quantitative and qualitative analysis of group values, strengths and character—and the vision and mission most likely to draw others to you
  • Motivate mapping, an innovative, story-based external research methodology that aligns internal purpose with target audience meaning and motivation
  • Brand development and alignment, which integrates an inspiring and engaging brand with organizational development and direction

Ultimately, Storybranding results in brand strategies that are an authentic and persuasive reflection of the cultures that create them and the people who are served by them.

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