Cindy Atlee provides coaching services for two kinds of clients:

  • Executives, leaders and working professionals who want to be more meaningfully engaged in the work they do, and make a positive, inspiring impact on those around them
  • Entrepreneurs, consultants and other self employed professionals who want their businesses to be a unique and compelling expression of their beliefs, gifts and skills

Most coaching engagements involve a combination of regular in-depth coaching sessions and creative assignments that are completed between sessions. We also typically incorporate typological assessment tools into the work, including the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and our proprietary Professional Strengths, Values & Story Survey (SVSS). This innovative tool helps individuals identify their story-based values, strengths, motivators and challenges–and see how they’re aligned with an existing workplace or could be used in shaping businesses of their own.

Coaching for Executives, Leaders and Working Professionals

Our coaching programs help people inside a workplace apply the story-based approaches we use in our organizational work to their own professional lives. Our coaching work is designed to help professionals deepen their understanding of what’s truly meaningful and motivating to them—and how that insight can be used to enhance their leadership and communications skills.

Coaching programs can be designed to help professionals:

  • Define and understand their professional “story type”—and see how it brings their most authentic values and unique strengths to life
  • Learn how to connect what’s best about them to significant workplace accomplishments that matter to themselves and others
  • Develop a distinctive and inspiring leadership voice
  • Create a leadership mission, vision and storyline to shape their contributions, communications and goals

Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Self-Employed Professionals

These coaching programs help business owners discover an authentic storyline for their enterprises that will motivate, inspire and attract their best customers. Our coaching-based brand development process is specifically designed to help these clients tell their own meaningful brand stories, imaginatively portray their value to others, and create compelling, differentiating marketing materials.

Through a structured yet creative process, clients are able to:

  • Develop a vivid and compelling brand identity for a business based on a “story type” that brings their gifts and strengths to life
  • Transform business vision, values and purpose into messages that really motivate prospects
  • Use the power of authentic self to communicate persuasively and convey what’s different about them
  • Shape a more effective, interesting and engaging approach to marketing

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