We help clients define and give voice to what’s best and most distinctive about them–and use the power of who they really are to create compelling brands and cultures, develop inspired teams and leaders, and communicate in more engaging ways both inside and outside their organizations.

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RSS Feed Resilience post #8: Can an octopus move you past doubt?

SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t want to know what happens in the Netflix documentary “My Octopus Teacher,” watch it before you read! Can igniting your curiosity feel like saving your life—or maybe salvaging your authentic purpose in the world?  Craig Foster thinks so.  His documentary, My Octopus Teacher,… Read More

Next Story Typing & Narrative Intelligence Trainings for Coaches & Consultants (EIGHT-WEEK ONLINE PROGRAM STARTS SEPTEMBER 28, 2021)

Join me for a content-packed eight-week program that teaches you how to work with story-based motivational theory—and trains you to interpret and apply a dynamic tool (the Professional Strengths, Values & Story Survey) for leveraging it with individuals, teams and groups!

Coaching Program:  When the Product is You (Five Steps to an Authentic Brand)

Would you like to get crystal clear on your unique business value? Translate your authentic passion and purpose into a compelling storyline and materials for attracting others to it? Learn how to use the power of who you are to create a powerful brand identity.

Read About Your Story Type

Did you know there’s an upcoming book about story typing and personal branding? Read an excerpt that introduces a framework to help leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone in a career transition use the power of story type to convey their value.

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