When the Product is You

For consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs or any self-employed professional: 

When the Product is You:
Five-step personal branding for business success program

webinar-are-you-telling-the-right-story_clip_image002Have you translated your business passion and purpose into a storyline that attracts others?

I meet so many business owners who are great at what they do but share some common frustrations:

  • They struggle to get their message out, OR
  • They’re not sure how to pinpoint what’s most valuable about them for others, OR
  • They just don’t know where to start when it comes to marketing their businesses

They all seem to have the same kind of motivation:

  • They’re burning to share what they’ve got
  • They want an authentic voice that helps them be truly inspiring and persuasive
  • They want to serve the right “tribe”—the type of clients who are ideally suited for them

Often, they’re surprised to hear that personal branding is the key to their business brand—and that capturing and conveying their own purpose and passion is the single most important factor in their marketing success. 

When the Product is You is my innovative five-step program that’s specifically designed to help participants cast themselves in a compelling, enduring story that authentically conveys their unique value—and to translate that storyline  into real-world messages, materials and marketing strategies that draw others in.  And it’s the only program that puts together the powerful framework of story typing with a step-by-step system for brand development.

Consider this program if you’d like to know which one of 12 story types should be the foundation for your powerful brand storyline, purpose and promise—and how to develop the marketing messages and materials to support them!

  • If you’re an Explorer at heart, you’ll find out what your capacity to blaze new trails means for clients
  • If you’re a Hero, you’ll focus on ways you or your products/services help people rise to challenges
  • If you’re a Caregiver, you’ll look at ways to make your passion to support or advocate for others pays off
  • And there are 9 other story types (plus 60 subtypes) to help you really customize a brand strategy and supporting communications materials!

This comprehensive program includes a Professional Strengths, Values & Story Survey assessment and individual coaching session with me to interpret/debrief what the results means for your business; an online learning portal with five core video lessons and support materials; a program workbook chock full of templates, samples and strategies for developing your brand; an online discussion board for interacting with me and other participants; and ongoing access to group coaching calls held throughout the year. Here’s a quick look at the five steps:

  • Introduction: Know Your Story Type and Brand Assets (explore your story type—and find out which character in a universal story we all know best reflects your core power and passion)
  • Session #1: Branding From the Inside Out (translate your own deeply held meaning and motivation into a compelling brand platform that can bring your brand identity to vivid life)
  • Session #2: Branding From the Outside In (profile your ideal clients in an imaginative new way and learn how to align what’s best about you with their key “quest”)
  • Session #3: Telling Your Most Powerful Story (express your authentic brand through a unique personality and with the right messages, visual imagery and stand in the world)
  • Session #4: Making Your Brand Real in the World (craft compelling, authentic brand communications and social media strategies, including your elevator speech, bio, about us page, online profiles and website themes)

For more information or to schedule your program, contact cindy.atlee@storybranding.com or 703-917-4040.

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