Personal Branding & Leadership Communications

Who do you most want to be when you get out of bed in the morning? Does the answer to that question shape how you show up in the world, how you engage with and lead others, and how you communicate what matters most to you?

At The Storybranding Group, we believe that everyone has a unique personal brand identity and an essential story they were born to live. Defining and telling that story—and understanding how it shapes your most important professional contributions—is the key to developing yourself as an inspiring leader; creating a business that’s an authentic and compelling expression of who you are; or becoming more meaningfully engaged in the work you do.

Using an understandable and energizing story-based framework, we help executives, entrepreneurs and other professionals understand and express the best, most powerful and most passionate parts of themselves. Clients can use our personal branding and leadership communications services to:

  • Discover a professional story “type”—the key to workplace meaning, motivation and potential
  • Define the authentic strengths and values most directly related to their success and fulfillment
  • Establish a leadership mission and vision that aligns personal motivation with organizational goals, and helps others understand what to expect from them
  • Learn how to engage and inspire others with a distinctive leadership voice and message, or a brand platform to define their business identity

How We Work

Our personal branding and leadership communications services can be provided through one-one-on coaching, group trainings and team-building exercises, and as components of an organizational branding, culture assessment or strategic planning process.

Define and Apply Your Real Purpose

Our personal branding and leadership communications work almost always begins with administration of the Professional Strengths, Values & Story Survey (SVSS), a tool that defines an individual’s “story type” (and the core assets, beliefs and gifts that go along with it). We also help clients work with our four-level communications ladder to create a leadership or business message, and to enhance their overall communications effectiveness.

Ultimately, clients are able to live and convey a “storybrand” that personifies their core power and passion while drawing others to them. They also learn how to use their story type and style to best advance professional and organizational goals, and how to recognize, appreciate and develop story-based strengths and values in others for more successful, motivating interactions.

Find and Unleash Your Voice

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