Message Model

Why is so much of what we say or communicate never really heard? What makes it so tough to get a group on the same page communications-wise? Why do our brand strategies sometimes look great on paper (or in multi-million dollar ad campaigns), but can’t make the leap to everyday conversation?

Sometimes it’s because we think more about what we want to say than what our audiences want to hear. Sometimes we lose sight of what our messages are really supposed to do. And sometimes we haven’t created the tools that make it easy for everyone to talk about who we are, what we do or why we matter.

At The Storybranding Group, we’ve developed a simple model that helps communicators think harder about what a message is destined to do and focuses them on the “happy ending” that will interest others most. The model ensures that messaging addresses all four levels of our communications ladder—including a range of content that is informational, benefit-oriented, inspiring and motivating. It also aligns communications content with communications goals, and helps clients build a messaging system with successively more meaningful content.

In an audit assignment, we map an organization’s current messaging against the four levels—allowing us to assess messaging style, persuasiveness, engagement quotient and motivational quality. Importantly, we can see whether messaging is well distributed or too concentrated on one level and then develop recommendations for more effective communications.

The model also serves as a guidance system when we develop comprehensive messaging systems for our clients—messaging systems that are user-friendly and include the components that are need to translate abstract ideas into concrete and compelling communications.

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