The Storybranding Group offers several innovative assessment tools and audit products that can be integrated into one of our planning processes (or used on a stand-alone basis), including:

Professional Strengths, Values & Story Survey (SVSS)

Our proprietary Professional Strengths, Values & Story Survey, based on the breakthrough model created by Dr. Carol S. Pearson, is our story typing tool for individuals and teams that illuminates workplace assets, values and gifts through a story-based lens. The SVSS is an invaluable tool for helping our clients explore identity, meaning and motivation; define a mission, vision or message; enhance their communications skills and effectiveness; and align entrepreneurial and workplace success with who they really are. The SVSS can be incorporated into our coaching work; built into team building exercises as well as leadership and professional development programs; and used as an important foundational component of our brand development processes for leaders, entrepreneurs and groups.

Click here to read more and to take the SVSS.

Kenexa Cultural Insight Survey (KCI)

For large organizations and groups, the Kenexa Cultural Insight (KCI) survey (formerly the Organizational & Team Culture Indicator) is a quantitative culture assessment tool for typing an organization based on the storylines that best reflect its values, operating strengths and approach to critical tasks. Applicable to groups of any size (we’ve used it with organizations as large as 15,000+ people), the KCI provides a clear and tangible picture of group identity, personality and style; how an organization gets things done; and where its energy and attention are concentrated. It also provides an understandable context for defining real organizational values, strengths and challenges—and for identifying the internal meaning and motivation that drives its results.

Combined with the qualitative explorations that follows, clients can use a KCI administration to help:

  • Develop an authentic vision, mission and/or brand identity that an organization has both the will and the capacity to deliver
  • Design change management and internal communications initiatives that are most likely to work
  • See what’s needed for greater organizational growth and development
  • Set strategic and operating direction that’s in keeping with real organizational power and passion

Ultimately, the assessment can be a valuable component of brand development, organizational development, values/vision/mission work, merger and acquisition management, and a variety of other communications and change management initiatives.

Story-Based Communications Audits

For clients who want to assess the strength of their current messaging and brand communications, we audit existing materials to define the storylines and messaging levels used most often (see our Storybranding message model for a description of our approach). Results are used to help assess whether organizational communications are telling a cohesive story, reflect its brand identity, and are likely to compel and engage people inside or outside the organization.

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