Our speaking engagements are designed to help organizations and professionals explore new ways to create greater success, creativity and fulfillment. We speak on a variety of topics, including branding and message strategy; leadership development and communications; organizational culture; and employee engagement and internal communications. Most topics can be presented in a workshop format as well as a speech or presentation.

Sample Speaking Engagements

  • Capital Coaches Conference
  • Strategic Thinking in Action + Conference
  • ALI Internal Branding Conference
  • ALI Employee Engagement for Government Conference
  • ALI Strategic Internal Communications Conference
  • Northern Virginia Technology Council
  • The Assissi Institute
  • American Marketing Association
  • Market Research Association
  • American Association of Homes and Services For the Aging
  • National Women’s Business Center
  • Qualitative Research Consultants Association

Organizational Branding, Messaging & Communications

We involve audiences in new approaches for understanding and telling their stories, and creating more effective messages that are more meaningful and motivating to their audiences.

Topics have included:

  • Telling Your Story: How to Inspire Any Organization and Its Target Audiences through the Power of Storybranding
  • Using Story-based Communications Tools to Involve, Inspire and Motivate Others
  • Climb the Messaging Success Ladder: How to Inspire and Motivate Any Audience

Organizational Team-Building, Culture Change and Workforce Engagement

We focus on imaginative and interesting new ways understand and apply organizational culture, engage a workforce and create effective organizational change.

Topics have included:

  • What Makes This Team Tick? Using Using Culture Assessment Tools to Leverage Group Purpose, Promise and Performance
  • Employee Engagement 101: Using Internal Communications to Engage Employees and Build Value for Your Organization
  • Change Management 101: Assessing Your Organization’s Change Readiness and Communications Style

Personal Branding, Leadership Communications and Professional Development

We help leaders, working professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners understand and use the best part of themselves in their work and in their communications.

Topics have included:

  • When the Product is You: Creating a High-Value Personal Brand for Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs
  • Becoming Known Well:  Creating a High-Value Personal Brand for Professionals and Leaders
  • The Communicator Within: Unleashing Your True Leadership Voice
  • The Creator Within: Defining Your Professional Innovation Style

Find and Unleash Your Voice

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