Cindy was our most trusted advisor throughout a very complex rebranding campaign. She was instrumental in developing and introducing the brand. Out of a large team, Cindy was the person who continued to provide counsel and very hands on support over several years as we implemented the brand with a focus on employee engagement. She works well with people at all levels, is an excellent communicator and trainer, and thinks creatively and pragmatically at all times (making sure that new ideas get implemented). Largely due to her efforts, our internal branding campaign has been recognized as a national finalist in multiple competitions. I recommend Cindy with enthusiasm as a uniquely capable individual.

Robert Clerman Corporate Vice President, Noblis

Cindy is a true expert in the field of branding — helping organizations discover their unique and core “personalities.” She starts with comprehensive research and ends with compelling, creative messages and stories that reveal an organization’s “personality.” She is an excellent strategist and understands how to incoporate and leverage an organization’s brand into all aspects of communications — internally and externally. She is creative, an excellent writer, enthusiastic and connects easily with clients. She “believes” in her clients and her work reflects her passion, especially for socially-conscious organizations. I recommend Cindy highly.

Jane Donaldson Director of Communications (former), Volunteers of America

Cindy masterfully reveals and speaks to the professional archetypes operating in the people she coaches in both team and individual environments. She enables clients to immediately and effectively translate their observations into personal branding architecture and enriched, successful interactions. Individual coaching sessions greatly expanded upon foundational learning in a highly personalized, and life changing way. Cindy is an amazing asset to organizations who want to inspire their people to contribute to their fullest potential, and create a vibrant, inspired culture where everyone thrives.

Suzanne Reynolds Director, Procter and Gamble

Cindy has a solid understanding of how to analyze an organization’s basic character and to help that organization talk about itself in a way that others can understand their true value. When she first interviewed us, she had no idea what we did because our language was too scientific. For the most part, we didn’t talk about the benefits of our work at all. Cindy was able to engage us all and make us see just how powerful our communications could be—shifting our focus from the technical aspects of what were doing globally from space to how that work protects the health of our planet and the people on it. I strongly recommend Cindy if you are seeking help in understanding how to communicate what you do more effectively to others.

Dr. Lelia Vann Science Director, Senior Government Executive

Cindy is an extraordinary organizational branding expert who helps all kinds of organizations, large and small, delve into their organizational DNA and culture so they can tell their stories more effectively. Cindy is a creative thinker, an expressive communicator and an outstanding mentor. She’s passionate about her work and she takes on clients’ causes as her own. I have worked with Cindy in many capacities at different agencies, and I have found her insight, collaborative work style and true partnership to be invaluable. I look forward to future collaborations with Cindy because she always helps to bring out the best in others and take the work to a higher level.

Wendy Hagen EVP/Partner, Director, Planning & Integration (former), Porter Novelli

Working to bring an organization of nearly 4,000 scientists, engineers and creative problems solvers to consensus on what their story is and how it should best be told was the challenge. Cindy Atlee and The Storybranding Group took on that challenge and led us to an enhanced view of why our work is important –to the agency and to the nation. Via her very effective Storybranding process, she led our organization on a path to self discovery and helped us develop a voice that better engages our stakeholders and communicates our value. Cindy is not only an excellent communicator and strategist, she was passionate about drilling down to the essence of our organization and engaging our employees to join in on the journey. I would recommend Cindy to any organization wishing to more effectively communicate both internally and externally.

Marny Skora Director of Communications, Government Executive