The Storybranding Group is the consulting practice of Cindy Atlee, and home to her collaborations with a variety of like-minded partners. The Storybranding Group helps clients define and give voice to what’s best and most distinctive about them–and use the power of who they really are to create compelling brands, develop inspired leaders and deeply engage their workforces.

Cindy Atlee

Cindy Atlee has been fascinated with stories and how they shape identity since writing her first (and last!) novel at the age of 13. Instead of becoming a novelist, she channeled a passion for helping others understand and express who they are in into a 20+ year career as a consultant, facilitator and coach.


  • Advanced Coaching/ Leadership & Well Being, George Mason University
  • Transformational Leadership & Organizational Change, Georgetown University
  • Advanced Coaching Studies, Coaches Training Institute

Tools & Assessments:

  • Co-author, Professional Strengths, Values & Story Survey
  • Trained to work with the EQ-i 2.0 (emotional intelligence) assessment, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Organizational & Team Culture Indicator

Signature Training Programs:

  • Using Narrative Intelligence to Lead, Motivate and Communicate
  • Becoming Known Well:  Authentic Personal Branding for Professional Fulfillment, Success and Contribution
  • When the Product is You: Five Steps to Authentic Branding Success For the Self Employed

Cindy is a creative thinker and communicator who’s loaded with intellectual curiosity, passionate about powerful ideas, and valued as a mentor/teacher/advisor. She combines her extensive executive background in branding, communications and planning with innovative experience in organizational culture, employee engagement, team building and leadership development.  Cindy is creator of the storybranding process and a variety of story-based communications and typing tools.

Cindy’s specialties include:

  • Using creative, interactive approaches to involve leaders, managers and work teams in productive and engaging workshops, planning processes, brainstorming sessions and discussion groups
  • Developing effective, involving online and face-to-face training programs
  • Translating strategic concepts and ideas into compelling user-friendly brand identities, messaging systems and communications initiatives
  • Working with individual and group clients to help them become more engaged contributors, more effective motivators and more inspiring communicators
  • Using innovative assessment tools to help clients create more vital organizational and personal brands, establish truly purpose-driven organizational cultures, and more authentically develop the teams and individuals within them

Before founding The Storybranding Group, Cindy was Senior Vice President/Branding & Organizational Culture at the global public relations firm Porter Novelli.  Her work has won multiple awards and been used by such organizations as Kashi, NASA, Volunteers of America, and Procter & Gamble. In addition to her consulting and planning work, she is a frequent speaker and workshop leader.

Our Partners

Cindy’s Storybranding Group partners include collaborators in the fields of archetypal scholarship, organizational and leadership development, and psychological type:

Dr. Carol S. Pearson is a renowned scholar, best selling author and expert in the field of archetypal meaning and motivation. She is currently Acting President of the Pacific Graduate Institute.

The Center for Applications of Psychological Type offers publications, assessments, and training workshops that emphasize the positive benefits of personality diversity and development. CAPT is publisher of Dr. Carol Pearson’s Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator (PMAI) and numerous books and manuals related to her work.

Thea Spero-Shelley leads Endoxi Consulting, an organizational and leadership development practice that helps clients create healthy organizations that pay attention to a triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profits.

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