For more than 20 years—and now through The Storybranding Group—Cindy has tackled the intriguing questions that fuel her consulting assignments, questions such as:

  • What’s the best way to tell others who we are and why we matter?
  • How do we engage our entire workforce in telling our story?
  • How do we reach consensus on a brand identity in a highly de-centralized organization?
  • How do we attract the clients that we’re ideally suited to serve?
  • How do we maintain the most meaningful cultural strengths and values after an organizational merger?
  • How can we create a culture of communicators in our organization?
  • How do we create memorable and motivating messages?
  • How can align a powerful vision and mission with our brand identity?

Whether answering those questions requires a branding, communications, change management or planning initiative, our consulting approach is always creative, collaborative and highly interactive. Led by Cindy Atlee (along with specialists from partner groups as needed), we offer two types of consulting approaches:

  • Our full three-phase planning processes include exploration, essence and execution components–typically unfolding via an immersive consultant-client/work group relationship–and are usually completed in 3-12 months
  • Our modular, facilitative approaches (Brand Quest,Culture Quest and Vision Quest) include a series of group sessions that move a working team through an abbreviated planning process (and can usually be completed in 2-3 months or less)

Clients who aren’t yet ready to embark on a development process can consider a half-day or full-day Brand Quest, Culture Quest or Vision Quest workshop, which help a work group or leadership team explore a topic through our story-based framework.

Start Your Quest

Our three-phase branding, culture assessment/engagement and strategic planning processes generally include the following components:




  • Story audit
  • Internal culture assessment
  • External motive mapping research
  • Storyline & positioning
  • Messaging platform & system
  • Strategic plan & goals
  • Leadership & organizational alignment
  • Employee engagement & internal communications
  • External launch

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