Organizational Culture Assessment & Engagement

“What makes this organization tick?” Leaders who ask that question are really asking for insight about their organizational cultures–insight to help them create an inspiring organizational vision, brand or strategic direction; introduce a successful change initiative; or develop a more engaged and effective workforce. It’s insight that leaders desperately want–and often have to piece together using a variety of disparate means and methods.

Now, there’s a comprehensive, integrated and highly efficient way to understand and leverage organizational culture (as well as the teams that operate inside it). A story-based culture assessment process provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of an organization’s core identity along with its operating style, behavior and approach to critical tasks.

How We Work

A full culture assessment process is typically designed to focus on a client objective such as organizational development, employee engagement or internal communications, change management or strategic planning. We also offer “Culture Quest” workshops that use a story-based assessment framework to help leadership teams or working groups explore their cultural terrain.

Define Real Group Values and Strengths

By “typing” an organization or team based on storylines that define its strengths and values, story-based culture assessment offers an understandable framework for assessing real organizational culture and capacity. The two-part process begins with one of our survey tools for measuring and understanding the intangible aspects of  team or group culture. Survey work is followed by internal Storybranding focus groups to enrich and expand the learnings.

Results can be used to:

  • Inventory an organization’s greatest strengths and challenges
  • Align internal communications and employee engagement with real organizational meaning, motivation and style
  • Understand and improve group dynamics
  • Assess and manage organizational change readiness
  • Set more meaningful, purposeful and successful direction

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