Story Type Training For Coaches & Consultants

MEETS WEEKLY ONLINE VIA ZOOM (10/21-12/16/22, Noon-2 pm ET; no class Thanksgiving week)

Learn about a fresh, engaging and really effective framework for developing meaning, motivation and potential in the workplace

Train to interpret and apply the Professional Strengths, Values & Story Survey with individuals, teams and organizations

Coaches earn 18 ICF CCEs (12 for core competencies & 6 for resource development)!

“The training was amazing! For coaches, the story typing framework and tool help establish a powerful, sharedWorkbook understanding of where a client is in their story; where they’d like to go; and what they can emphasize or activate to be more purposeful, successful and happy.  Organizationally, it also offers a process that allows us to easily go deeper in talking with our members about what really matters to them–individually and collectively. As to the training itself, Cindy Atlee is a totally authentic partner, thought leader and coach, bringing great joy to her presentation of this work and truly investing in each participant’s professional and personal growth.” -Laura Gross, Senior Policy Advisor/Leadership Development, National Education Association

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Story Type & Narrative Intelligence Training

Benefits of story typing:

  • Assesses client strengths and values (not either/or)
  • Engaging, easy-to-grasp framework
  • Produces quick, deep insights
  • Scales seamlessly from individuals to groups
  • Complements MBTI and emotional intelligence work

We all love stories—but they do far more than entertain or amuse us. More than any other form, narratives capture patterns of meaning and motivation that define almost everything that goes on within and around us. The characters (or story types) that resonate most offer profound clues about who we are, what we believe and how we’ll behave.

Coaches:  Learn how story typing and the SVSS tool helps clients quickly see who they are at their best and most engaged—and translate insights about their core identity, motivational drivers, strengths and values into sustainable action

OD/HR/Leadership Consultants:  Apply one of the most scalable methods available for building more successful teams while also developing the individuals on them—and strengthening how they work as a collective

“This powerful tool and framework can lead to many ‘ahas’ as results are reviewed.  After the training, it’s easy for anyone to use immediately in their coaching–creating some play while helping clients bring their real essence forward, share their stories, and get new insights because of their new perspective.  For coaches looking at their own self development, it’s a helpful new lens.  For our clients, it’s a fun way to help them learn about and appreciate all of who they are (even the “shadow” side)—becoming more encouraged, energized and hopeful in the process.” -Joy Goldman, President, Viewfinder Coaching and Consulting; President Elect, Maryland ICF Chapter

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Story Type & Narrative Intelligence Training

Part One:  Introduction to story typing & narrative intelligence

Understanding the framework, applications and impact

Part Two:  Working with  leaders         & professionals

Coaching for awareness, insight & engaged action

Part Three: Working with  teams & groups

Developing identity, purpose and performance potential

“I highly recommend Cindy Atlee’s ‘Story Type’ workshop.  The content and presentation were excellent and the three days really flew by.  As a coach, archetypes provide me with additional lenses, language and stories through which I can examine and explore my client’s motivation.  I have also used archetypes in my workplace to good effect.  Each member of my leadership team completed the survey and we held our discussion of the year’s priorities around what motivated each of us.  Using the types enlivened the conversation and got us out of the weeds and into visioning and more creative thinking.” -Diane Kresh, Certified Executive Leadership Coach; Director, Arlington Public Library

All participants receive:

  • Complete resource kit and facilitator/client guides loaded with typing profiles, tools, templates and more
  • Two complimentary online SVSS administrations
  • Personalized link to an SVSS administration page for your own use with clients
  • Email access to developer/trainer for questions
  • User group participation
  • Access to volume discounts on SVSS purchases

Early bird pricing is available!  Hold your seat for $100 deposit.

ICF members may register for “any time” discount (no early bird restrictions).  Workbook

Group onsite training is available.  Contact Cindy Atlee at or 202-316-2137 to bring a training to your organization.

“Cindy Atlee is brilliant! Based on the Pearson 12-archetype system, her training, framework and tool get right to the heart of what motivates one person vs. someone else, and how to work with very different clients and organizations in a way that’s most meaningful to them.  There is a lot of focus these days on coaching the whole person and the whole organization—and this is just the model for that kind of exploration!   Cindy has created a wealth of resource materials, workbooks and exercises that are ready and available for you to use in your coaching and consulting work.  Oh, and extra bonuses for coaches…you get 18 ICF CCEs when you take the program.” –Marilou Bova, President, Bova International Inc.; Faculty, Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Program

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Story Type & Narrative Intelligence Training

“Since I started using the SVSS and story typing framework, I’ve been able to help my clients more deeply understand their identity and value both as individuals and as teams.  It also adds some fun and new energy because so many of our other assessments have been used for decades.  The breadth and depth of applications is incredible!” -OD Consultant/Coach

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