Becoming Known Well

For working professionals, leaders or anyone in a career transition:

Becoming Known Well:
Online Personal Branding for Workplace Success Program

bring-your-best-self-to-life-at-work_clip_image002Would you like to be more successful in your career by being more of who you are?

I talk to people every day who tell me about the same kinds of challenges:

  • They’ve lost their passion for what they’re doing, OR
  • They feel stuck in their careers, OR
  • They just don’t know how to bring their best selves to work

Then, there are others who are hungry for something:

  • They want to make a more meaningful impact, OR
  • They want to have a voice that really gets heard, OR
  • They want to contribute in ways that matter more to them and their employers

Often, they’re surprised to learn that developing an authentic personal brand is the key to addressing all of those challenges and realizing those aspirations–and yet it’s the most effective strategy I’ve ever seen for creating genuine career meaning and satisfaction.

Becoming Known Well is my unique new seven-step online eSeminar and coaching program that’s specifically designed to help professionals become more effective and participatory at work while bringing more of who they really are to the table.  And it’s the only program that combines the powerful framework of story typing for assessing professional strengths, values and motivation with a step-by-step personal branding system for career development.

Join us if you’d like to know which one of 12 story types should be the foundation for how you communicate, motivate, lead and advance in your career!

  • If you’re a Magician at heart, you’ll envision ways to show up and be seen as an agent of change
  • If you’re a Sage, you’ll learn how to position yourself  as a thought leader at work
  • If you’re a Creator, you’ll design ways for your inventiveness to be more evident to others
  • And there are 9 other story types and strategies for leveraging your communications style and leadership presence more effectively!

If you’d like to learn 7 authentic personal branding strategies—and start applying them in your worklife right now–you can register for the Becoming Known Well free webinar in the box on the right.  To get more details or to register for the complete program, click here.

This comprehensive program includes seven lessons delivered through webinars and interactive coaching calls; workbooks with tools, templates and strategies for developing your own platform and materials; and an online discussion board and Facebook community for interacting with the instructors and other participants.  Here’s a quick look the “lesson plan” we’ve developed for you:

Seminar 1: Becoming Known Well—Developing your Personal Brand Platform & Blueprint

  • Lesson 1: Who is my best self I? Inventorying your brand assets and assembling a story-based power team that brings your strengths and values to life
  • Lesson 2: What’s my defining identity? Developing your purpose, promise and authentic storyline
  • Lesson 3: How do I stay in character? Developing organizational alignment and your personal branding blueprint

Seminar 2: Becoming Known Well—Activating Your Personal Brand for Communications and Leadership Effectiveness 

  • Lesson 4: Who am I as a communicator? Building on your communications style and creating new skills
  • Lesson 5: What’s my message? Creating your elevator pitch and other professional identity statements
  • Lesson 6: How do I show up? Crafting your leadership presence
  • Lesson 7: How do I make a difference? Motivating and influencing others with authentic contribution

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